In San Francisco at the AAO Annual Session and in the days since I’ve enjoyed watching the dogged pursuit of the deal. What deal? Any deal! We orthodontists get so excited about the idea of saving money and ecstatic about saving MORE than others, that we can lose sight of what we are buying, why and how much energy and time we devote to getting THE deal. There is nothing wrong with saving money on something that brings in new patients, grows your practice or even on something you just want because it’s cool (assuming you have the spare cash lying around) but I found huge irony in many of the negotiations I observed.

What is it about us, as humans, that makes us so excited to SAVE $4000.00 on a one-time technology purchase? 4000 bucks is great but if we would get half that excited about or work half as hard for new patients walking in the door daily, how many more of them would get braces and how much better would our lives be??

2 thoughts on “The Psychology of the Deal

  1. I think there is something pumped in the air vents at conventions that makes normally sane and highly educated people react to free lanyards and keychains with zealousness that should be reserved for finding the Holy Grail. This enthusiasm seems to burrow its way in to the senses and open up wallets that are normally so tight bats would fly out at seeing the light of day….

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