We all get them. Calls or messages asking if we do dental work, cleanings or other things besides braces. I used to be indignant when this kind of thing happened and so my staff followed my lead and was even more so. Staff take the doctor’s dislikes and biases and amplify them so always remember that – but that’s a topic for another blog. I’ve finally wised up, however, and I turn what was formally an aggregation into a marketing opportunity that costs me nothing and is extremely effective.

When someone calls or texts and asks this question, instead of being upset, why not be helpful? You have time – almost none of us orthodontists have a full New Patient column – so why not bring them in, make a friend, take a pano, give them your advice on what is going on and then refer them to a great local dentist. It just takes a couple minutes and every positive impression you make on someone in your community compounds for you over time. Here’s a couple screen shots giving an example of how I handle this on Facebook but this is just an example. You should do you and help others in the way you know best. Why wouldn’t you? They may even get serious about their oral heath and decide braces are a good idea! I’ve had it happen more than a few times.