I’ve decided to change directions for the magazine! From now on, we are going to have the top tier movers and shakers in orthodontics as editors in their specific areas of expertise to make sure the magazine is the best it can be. I know a segmented, editor driven content model is different to anything in orthodontics but I’m super excited about the team we have assembled and believe that they will be game changers.

Here is the list of editors for The Progressive Orthodontist Magazine:

Clinical Editor: Dr. Derek Bock

Marketing/Patient Acquisition Editor: Angela Weber

Editor for Women in Orthodontics: Dr. Courtney Dunn

Business of Orthodontics Editor: Chris Bentson

Editor, Orthodontic Pop Culture: Dr. Marc Ackerman

Editor, Clear Aligner Space: Sarah Sharfstein

Editor for the Traditional Owner/Operator Practice Model: Dr. Jennifer Eisenhuth

Wealth Management & Investment Editors: Dr. Aly Kanani & Dr. John McManaman

Editor of Tech & Other Nerdy Stuff : Dr. Aaron Molen

International Orthodontics Editor: Dr. Grant Duncan

Editor for AAO Affairs: Dr. Anil Idiculla & The AAO Committee on Communications

Each of these editors will scour the planet for the best content, the most interesting people, the most compelling stories and the inside information that will help you make your practice the best it can be. They will determine who can submit content, who will be on the cover of the magazine and what direction each issue will take! If you have an idea or a question or you’d like to submit content then please feel free to reach out to the appropriate editor or me. Please understand that we always have more content than we can use so we can’t promise we will print yours – but there is only one way to find out if your stuff makes the cut!

Change is good and I’m constantly trying to up The Progressive Orthodontist’s game to insure we don’t get in a rut and start doing the same old thing. I believe these editors will take The Progressive Orthodontist Magazine to a whole new level and maintain The Progressive Orthodontist Magazine’s place as THE go to publication for orthodontists who don’t subscribe to the status quo.

Speaking of subscriptions, we have redone TheProOrtho.com website and we are in the process overhauling our subscription list. Please visit the website and sign up for the magazine when you have a minute. I’d suggest using your home address to make sure your staff doesn’t circular file your copy! Over the course of the next two issues we will transition from our current mailing list to the new one we are building now. Make sure to subscribe so you don’t miss out (yes, subscribe again if you’re already getting the magazine). Hopefully this process will insure that everyone who wants a ProOrtho magazine will get one. Have a great week!