I bet I get asked half a dozen times a day by fellow orthodontists on OrthoPundit, via FB messenger, via text, via email and on our ProOrtho FE Study group if we charge extra for RPEs, broken brackets, clear brackets, etc. given our low fee at Smiley Face. It’s 10:23 am and I’ve already been asked by three different people today alone. At the risk of being repetitive I’d like to try and make it clear once and for all because it’s obvious that I’ve done a bad job of explaining this in the past.

  • There is no charge, ever, for the initial visit, x-ray or consult with the doctor and a copy of the x-ray is yours to keep for free whether or not you decide to have treatment at Smiley Face
  • At Smiley Face we only have one fee for braces – $2998.00. If we decide you need treatment then everything is included even if we need to use an RPE or other device to get the job done. There is no Phase I or Phase II or other artificial, random labels at Smiley Face. A consumer either needs treatment or they don’t. If they do there is only one fee…
  • At Smiley Face we only have one financing plan – $292 down and $123 a month for 22 months. If you have an insurance benefit it may get even better!
  • At Smiley Face only have one additional product for those who get braces, our seven-year Retainer Assurance program – $615 or 5 payments of $123 is the cost for this completely optional service
  • When a patient pays for braces at Smiley Face they get all of this included:
    • Putting the braces on is included in the fee
    • All the appointments and adjustments are included in the fee
    • Repairs are included in the fee
    • Taking the braces off is included in the fee
    • A set of custom, vacuum formed, clear retainers is included in the fee
    • Retainer checks are included in the fee
  • We also offer clear aligners for $1999 but the aligners are only for the simplest cases, we don’t do IPR, attachments or refinements and if the patient is unhappy after they wear the aligners they can apply their $1999 fee towards the $2998 braces fee and get braces, no questions asked.

I don’t treat overly difficult cases or cases that will take an extremely long time or cases with a low prognosis of success at Smiley Face. This is by design and central to the Smiley Face model. When one of these 5%, outlier cases walks in the door I explain who I am, what I do, why and I help them find a more traditional orthodontist who is happy to get the referral. This doesn’t happen often but case selection is a big part of the Smiley Face model and why it works so well. To do otherwise would be a disservice to the patients with difficult cases and to the 95% of people we are set up to treat affordably at Smiley Face.

We are very clear about what we do, what we charge and what we expect at Smiley Face. We know our goals, vision and mission statement and are fiercely loyal to what we have set out to do. And the results of this transparency/simplicity have been phenomenal in terms of customer satisfaction, business success and having incredible work/life equilibrium. What more can one ask for?

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