Orthodontists are terrified of being sued yet when I’m speaking to a group and ask how many personally know an orthodontist who’s been sued, it’s rare to see even one hand go up. Why do we worry so much about something that happens so rarely? Of course it’s smart to take precautions like professional liability insurance and to learn best practices. Also, open communication among the doctor, the staff and the patient combined with great documentation are by far the best ways to avoid clinical problems becoming legal ones, but constant worry about being sued is counterproductive.

Just stop to think about it logically for a minute.

Are you going to intentionally do something that will result in a legitimate lawsuit? Of course not! But if that is the case, how can you avoid doing the thing that will get you sued? You can’t! So take reasonable precautions, read up on what causes the most common legal issues (avoid doing that), pay your professional liability insurance premium and stop worrying so much. Anyone can sue you any time for any reason. It’s beyond your control. Do your best and deal with a suit when and IF it ever happens!