Making pontics for missing anterior teeth on patients in braces has always been a challenge. I’ve tried lots of different techniques over the years and, though it’s still labor intensive, this way is the best I’ve found short of using Invisalign (you can plan for pontics to appear in the aligners at the time and in size needed). Hope this video is useful to you and, if you know how to do it better and faster, by all means please share!

2 thoughts on “Making Pontics for Ortho Patients (video)

  1. Ben, you do those a lot faster than me, so kudos! Probably my least favorite thing to do and I’ve been delegating it. I need that flat bur you used. Only other thing we do that’s really been helpful is to use a piece of rope wax on the lingual of the pontic and 1 adjacent tooth on either side so you can get the tooth stable and line up the bracket to perfection. It works great and is simple to do.

  2. That’s a good idea with the wax. You can contact for the diamond bur that I used in the video. He can get all your burs for less than you’re paying now I’ll bet!
    I also agree that doing these sucks no matter how you do it.

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