Great points in the latest AAO Tech BLog. However, I would caution orthodontic residents, young orthodontists and those starting out in practice against taking this article as “proof” that CBCT and scanners are necessary to practice orthodontics since many cannot afford those things and don’t have the fee structure or patient flow to justify that cost. An old iPhone and some alginate or PVS still work great! Be conservative when you are starting out. The toys are awesome and will be the standard of care one day but they aren’t yet. CBCT and scanners are not owned by “most orthodontists” at this point in time and it will be a while still before that happens.
If you can afford great tech, I’ll certainly admit it’s more fun and even better in some situations but if you go broke chasing the Joneses, none of that matters!

Read the AAO Tech Blog here.

Here is a link to Part I – it’s much better than Part II!!