2 thoughts on “What Do You Think Of This?

  1. So it’s all about return on investment. What could individual orthodontists have done with the annual dues assessment for the consumer awareness program? I’ll give an example. I have 2 children and I am saving in a 529 college fund for them. I recollect that the CAP assessment goes back to 2006 and maybe it was initiated before that.
    Let’s say that over the past 11 years you were assess $500 per annum for the CAP. How many new patients were driven to your office from the CAP program?
    What if you had invested the money in a 529 fund? A simple investment calculator demonstrates that a $500 investment for 11 years at 8.78% return (my fund performance) would have ended with a value of $9439. Not too shabby.
    If I was an investor in the CAP, I’d fire my broker!
    Can’t say I didn’t warn them (in 2006)!

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