Ever really think about it? Ever sit in the chairs that patients and parents sit in on a non-patient day and look around? I mean really look. What do you see? Is there a reason for each and everything in that room to be there? Is it a good reason?

What does it smell like?

What does it feel like?

What is the temperature?

Is the room cluttered?

Is the desk area neat?

Is there dust or dirt?

Are there stains on the ceiling tiles?

Are there bugs in the light fixtures?

At the plants healthy?

Are the pictures or promos on the wall hanging straight?

Do you have one of these or something similar?


If you do, like I did, ask yourself why the hell you would have such a thing in your office at all… Much less in the room where you’re trying to convince people to pay you $5000.00!! It’s just plain dumb. But I did it and many others do because that’s what we have always done. I thought I had gotten rid of all these photos but today I found more. They are gone now but how many new patients did they negatively impact in all the time they sat there?

Do you think a car salesman would have a photo of a mangled, wrecked car sitting on his desk??

PS We do chair side consults in the practices I work in now but I know most of you are still in TC centered practices.