I wore loupes in dental school but put I them away for Ortho residency because everyone else did. I didn’t use loupes for the first couple years I practiced but one day I decided to break them out for some forgotten reason. I discovered that LOUPES ARE AWESOME!!

I have excellent eyesight so it’s not about that but I will tell you that I couldn’t do what I do without my 2.5x loupes in terms of speed or accuracy. Plus if you get a long focal length, they make you sit up and keep your back and neck healthy (the reps will try to get you to go shorter on your focal length because that’s what PCDs want but be sure to sit down and measure from your eye to the end of an instrument in the ideal postural position). You can even get a wireless light and all kinds of other great add ons if you so choose.

And don’t worry, you don’t have to get those Buddy Holly frames like the loupes we had in school. These days you can get all kinds of lightweight, good looking frames. It takes some getting used to but seriously I can’t recommend any other piece of equipment more strongly. Loupes will help you with bracket placement accuracy and speed and allow you to see things you’ve never noticed before.

4 thoughts on “Why Aren’t You Wearing Loupes?

  1. The PCDs are all wearing loupes. You can’t afford to miss something, send your patient back to them for their 6-month cleaning, and look like an idiot. And you WILL do a better job of polishing at a deband. Don’t let your sloppy polishing without loupes make referrals go to your competition.

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