No, I’m not talking about how to get more Likes for your practice pages! I don’t know much about that kind of thing and will leave it to people like Angela Weber, Jeff Behan, Kyle Fagala and Anil Idiculla to help you there. I’m talking about why we should all be giving more likes on a daily basis.

I hear all the time, “People just put things on Facebook to try and get Likes”. So? Of course they do. Why don’t you give them what they want? It costs you nothing and people really appreciate the fact that you “took the time” and “made the effort” even though it takes neither to Like the FB or Instagram activity of another. Go a step further and use the Love and Wow buttons as well. I know we orthodontists are a conservative group but people love it when their friends and peers show a little emotion or excitement. Using the Love and Wow buttons is a safe and easy way to start showing a little more emotion so why not take advantage of the opportunity to practice? When you are ready to up your public display of emotion game then just hang out with Anil Idiculla for a few hours and he will demonstrate how to do it properly. Watch the reactions Anil gets from those around him and tell me the world doesn’t need more of that…

Showing people you notice them and care about them and recognize them and appreciate them is easier now than ever before. I’ll occasionally send a letter or hand written note. I always try to send postcards to my kids and their friends when I’m on the road (I’m getting better but still have to work on it – now that I have a roll of stamps in my backpack it’s a lot easier!). Both of these things take a significant amount of effort, time and planning and seem to be greatly appreciated by the recipients but few of us will do what it takes to deliver them regularly. Facebook and Instagram make showing we care incredibly easy but we shouldn’t assume that just because it’s easy that our commentary is not appreciated. If you feel more effort is required then Like AND Comment on things you admire or on things that your FB friends are obviously proud of. Why wouldn’t you?

Lastly I would strongly encourage you to Like or Love or Comment on the posts that don’t get many likes – the ones by your friends who don’t get much FB or Instagram love for one reason or another. That’s where your Like can really make a difference! It costs you nothing to make someone’s day. Why not be intentional about Liking and Loving more today and every day when you’re scrolling through your feed? After all, isn’t it our job to make people smile?