As I mentioned a few months back, I decided not to renew my AAO membership this year. However, times change and it looks like the AAO Board of Trustees is actually changing as well. I just listened to this podcast featuring AAO President Dr. DeWayne McCamish  and I have to say I was shocked by what I heard!

Virtual Board of Trustees meetings?

Recognition the the AAO CAP needs to change and evolve and have stronger messaging?

Formation of a Specialty Board composed of the 9 current specialities to insure public education as to why they should see a specialist?

Recognition that the ADSO is worth engaging because 1 in 4 orthodontists out less than 5 years work for a DSO?

Helping members report Primary Care Dentists who are masquerading as Orthodontists??

Dr. McCamish seems to “get it”, I’m loving what I’m hearing and the direction he is leading the BOT and the AAO. He’s a man I can get behind and support given the direction he is headed. I truly hope the AAO continues to move in this direction because the AAO is by far the best vehicle for our profession to advance and thrive in the new dental landscape. It’s wonderful to have my hope revived. See you in San Diego!

4 thoughts on “Looks Like I’ll Be Joining the AAO

  1. Wow! Kinda shocked…..really

  2. DeWayne has been involved in AAO for more years than i have been an orthodontist (Over 32 years) and has shown great leadership throughout his career. I tip my hat to the man from Tennessee for being our leader. I am glad that you, Big Ben , appreciate him as well. best, bill

  3. No one will argue as to what a great guy DeWayne is. However, I’m more interested in his willingness to face up to the internal and external issues the AAO needs to deal with and speak about them openly AND to take action.

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